We are always looking for new recruits, including post-docs, PhD and MSc students. If you are highly motivated and find our research interesting, please drop me an email. Apart from the open positions below, there are several postdoctoral fellowship programs that can support you.

QMUL also participates in international PhD studentship programs with some countries (e.g. China, Mexico), see "International PhD Funding Schemes" here.

Open positions




We are looking for a candidate with experience working on cnidarians, specifically Nematostella vectensis. This position will combine molecular biology and bioinformatics. It is fine having limited experience on one of these topics, but previous experience with cnidarian model systems is highly encouraged.

Start: Early 2022. 2-3 years, with possible extensions.




This project will include a combination of molecular biology and bioinformatics. We will aim to understand how prevalent are gene acquisitions by Transposable Elements across eukaryotes, focusing on chromatin associated domains.

Start: September 2022.



This is a fellowship restricted to Chinese students (either in China or overseas). We will take advantage of Nanopore sequencing to analyse the epigenomes of dinoflagellates, in order to understand how these important symbiotic algae regulate their fascinating transposable elements.

Start: September 2022.